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Meet Joy Yuan 

The deal whisperer; the woman behind disruptive business models and partnerships that generated millions in revenue worldwide for the tech and entertainment industries and the founder of a Blockchain start-up revolutionizing the beauty industry.

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Joy’s career in international business development and entrepreneurship over the last 17 years has been nothing short of impressive. Joy the self-starter has successfully launched and expanded several award-winning brands internationally and captured the hearts and minds of young consumers across continents.

An incredibly versatile professional, Joy holds an MBA from a top-tier business school as well as a Masters in Business Analytics. She isn’t just ‘book smart,’ though, as she has a track record of remarkable achievements in business. She led a failing office through an epic turnaround that took it from loss-making to chart-topping within the global media empire, Havas Group. She is also the creative genius behind one of Line’s most remarkable successes, Line Friends, before finally striking out on her own and setting up San Francisco-based Reauty, a Web3 start-up, harnessing her thought leadership in the Web3 space. 


As a business development and innovation advisor to ambitious organizations, Joy brings an extremely rare blend of strategic thinking, data and analytics know-how, an envious track record for international expansion, and advanced interpersonal and influencing skills, all of which are fundamental to take growing organizations onto the next step of their journeys.

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