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Career Story 

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Blingy Lab

Jan 2022 - Present

Miami, Florida

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“Fixing the broken fundraising economy”

Like so many minority entrepreneurs before me (I am not only female, I am also non-white), I’ve connected with thousands of angel investors, venture capitalists and incubators/accelerators across the world with limited success. The hundreds of investor pitches I’ve had to deliver however, turned disappointments into a genuine opportunity.

The case for more diversity among founders has been made countless times, but sadly the system hasn’t been geared up for a more level playing field, that is, until now. 

A fierce believer and frequent commentator in the power of Web3 as a replacement for the flawed Web 2.0, I found the perfect approach to addressing and solving the funding problem for diverse founders: Blingy Lab.


Blingy Lab is a first-of-its-kind Web3 incubator geared specifically towards young global talent with great ideas but without the proper know-how or resources to turn a hunch into a promising fully-fleshed-out business while doing away with the outdated and dysfunctional barriers to entry that traditionally kept diverse, bright talent away from the action. It serves as a community, an incubator, and a marketplace, all in one, for the boldly ambitious and innovative.


Blingy Lab: the world’s most trustworthy Web3 community and incubator, is changing the narrative of being a diverse founder. Join the Blingy Lab community, and make a big impact in Web3!

If you’d like to discover why Web3 is such a game-changer and want to get closer to the action, you can follow my Twitter for the latest in the field. 

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Reauty (Blingy Tech) 
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Jan 2021 - Present

San Francisco, Carlifornia

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“Queen Bee: Reauty Founder Story”

After years of intrapreneurship and building successful ventures for others. I joined the latest generation of Silicon Valley female entrepreneurs by launching my first tech start-up – Reauty. 


My passion for the beauty industry and social media and my deep understanding of the Gen-Z consumer culminated in the Reauty, the Web3 home for consumers in the beauty space, packed in with an AI-powered skin analysis tool, a transparent product rating system, as well as advance social eCommerce capabilities. Put simply, Reauty takes the guesswork away from skin care.


Market reception has been outstanding so far, with over 1k organic downloads in its first month of being launched on the Apple Appstore and being featured in over 350 media outlets, including Yahoo, Asianone, and PRNewswire. 


To date, I have successfully raised $250k at our pre-seed round and have several investors interested in investing in our Series A.


With this venture, my bet isn’t “just” beauty. I genuinely believe Web3 will drastically reshape what the internet is, and shift the power firmly back into the hands of users, and I am very bullish on this agenda. Blingy is about bringing established Web2 users into a new, more transparent, and democratic ecosystem – Reauty is there to serve as the perfect case study and How-To guide to those willing to embrace the future of the internet. Even among our Web3 peers, we are genuine pioneers, as we have launched, through Reauty, the world’s first Beauty Crypto Coins and NFT on the Polygon network. 


Read more about my vision for Reauty here

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Blingy Launch New Beauty Application: Reauty 



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