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Master of Business Administration - MBA
September 2019 - August 2020
@ San Francisco
GPA of 3.6 Dean's List
Relevant courses: Marketing, Accounting, Managerial Economics, Organization Behavior, Data and Decision, Strategy, Operations Management, Leadership Development, Financial Management, Business and Global Society, Future Mindset and Challenge, Luxury Marketing, Strategic Brand Management in Digital Age, Change Management, Leverage Buyout & VC Exits, Merger and Acquisitions, Lean Project Management
Master of Science(M.S.) - Business Analytics
September 2020 - April 2021
@ San Francisco
Relevant courses:  Data Science: Python, Data Science: R, Data Strategy, Advanced Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Optimization, Data Management & SQL, Data Visualization, Nano Course

Licenses & Certification

Building Web Applications with Shiny in R
Stanford University (Continue Education)
Python Data Science Toolbox
Master Business Writing and Editing
Introduction to Statistics in Spreadsheets
Introduction to Python for Finance
Data Science for Business
Introduction to Python
Data Analysis in Excel
Introduction to Data Visualization in Python
Introduction to R
Intermediate R
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