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Vice President of Brand and Product


June 2020 ~ Present

  • Work alongside the founder of Beautella to develop the overall brand strategy for new brand incubation and launch of the Beautella brand to the United States market.

  • Develop and execute a go-to-market strategy, establish pricing, product/service offering, and broad marketing strategies to push revenue.

  • Execute plans against quarterly KPIs and growth targets while effecting accurate projections and timelines.

  • Lead strategic planning working with the various teams to establish brand vision and identify the fast track priority brands.

  • Develop business plans (including business model, financial impact & enablers) while executing broad marketing strategies to grow revenue and deliver on performance metrics.

  • Execute Project management processes, including creation of calendar & milestones, drive reoccurring check-ins and leading executive leadership updates

  • Provide guidance for all creative touchpoints such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Website, Tiktok.

  • Manage and develop strong performing teams.

Purple and White Retail Fashion Back to
  • Instagram@beautella_beautytips
  • beautella LinkedIn
  • beautella Facebook
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